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Friday, 11 January 2013

SP International Executive Club

SP International Executive Club is one of the leading entertainment facilities, the largest and most comprehensive in the city of Pekanbaru. What entertainment was in the number 1 Jalan Teuku Umar complex Senapelan Plaza 5th floor. Club is active since June 1997 last year.

On-site facilities, among others, music room which features international quality DJ performance combined with the appearance of the capital cute dancer. In the music room is the manager has a professional bartender. Music room can accommodate approximately 2000 people, with 72 000-watt sound system and advanced lighting including lasers.

Tickets are given to visitors on weekdays can be affordable and every night of the week was very interesting with charming facilities. The tickets can be redeemed for a bottle of coca cola. Every event held sebauh, service tickets sold to visitors in accordance with the sponsor used.

The next facility karaoke room. In SP International Executive Club there are 26 room karaoke and consists of category Room VIP, VVIP Room, Super VIP and Presidential Suite Room. Sound system provided made ​​in USA and Japan advanced and computerized systems. In Room Suite, VIP, Super VIP and VVIP just have different amenities such as a dining table.

SP International Executive Club is conveniently located in the shopping venues such as the Mall Pekanbaru, Senapelan Plaza, Mall Ramayana as well as a national and international hotels such as Hotel Jatra, Grand Zuri Hotel, Aston Hotel, Hotels and Hotel Dyan Graha Furaya.
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